Reinstall VMs using Custom ISOs

We have multiple pre-made OS templates such as Debian, Ubuntu, Almalinux, Rocky Linux, etc. Which can allow you to install and up your VMs within few seconds.

However if you want a custom isntallation then we also have multiple ISO uploaded inside our network.

To install your own OS, you will need to follow the following steps:

1. Click on ISO List option.

add port inside firewall

2. Click on "Upload ISO" button and put your ISO url inside or upload directly from your device and submit.

add port inside firewall

3. Now change boot order from the "More" button right side of your VM overview and boot it from "CD ROM"

4. Now reboot the server

Once you launch the VNC console you should see the screen of the installer and you can install the choosen OS the same way as you might be used to on your own local machine.

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